On The Day Of Your Flight

Here are some tips to help you plan your trip to iFLY.

  • Fill out your waiver online here(it's easier and quicker)
  • Dress in comfy clothes (shirts without collars are best)
  • Wear lace-up trainers.
  • Bring a hairbrush if you have long hair.

Remember that your iFLY flight is like a normal flight, if you miss it, it's gone. Make sure you leave in good time.

  • Arrive at iFLY - 45 minutes before your flight.
  • Check-in and sign your waiver if you have not done this prior to arrival. To fill out your waiver online click here
  • Under 18s will need a parent/guardian to do so.
  • Meet your instructor.
  • Ask about High Flight if you are interested.
  • Watch the training video, Q&A with your instructor.
  • Gear up.
  • Make your way to the flight chamber.

Pssst. What is High Flight?
Your instructor may be able to fly you high, right up into the tunnel, spinning as you go! This is available as a $20 optional extra on some flights. Ask your instructor for details.

  • When it’s your turn the instructor will call you up
  • You’ll gently lean into the airflow and then whoosh… you’ll be flying!
  • Wave to your family and friends who’ve come to watch!
  • Whilst you’re flying, our wind controller will be taking snaps of you mid-flight
  • Your instructor will do a flight demonstration showcasing their skills.
  • Itching to fly again?*

*At the end of the session you may be asked by your instructor whether you’d like to go back in again for an extra flight at a reduced cost - subject to availability.

  • There’ll be some back-slapping, high-fiving and smiles all round!
  • Your instructor will debrief you and present you with your flight certificate
  • Photos & Videos are available to purchase after your flight or online here.
  • Don’t forget to pay for your High Flight and any extra flights before you leave

Don’t forget to ask your instructor on the day about your next steps as we do occasionally run ‘on the day only’ offers that might see your returning costs fall even further!