Where learning takes flight.


Send students on the field trip of a lifetime.

Your students will get fired up about math and physics when they see it come to life in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel.

Our STEM program inspires and educates students through an immersive, educational program where they first learn science and technology, and then defy gravity by flying.

It's so much more than a lesson, it's an enriching day of fun and learning that they'll remember the rest of their lives.



Higher learning with an exhilarating experience.

The iFLY STEM curriculum, which was designed by teachers and leading STEM professionals, aligns with Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core K-12, and TEKS. Our highly trained STEM educators guide students through an immersive, hands-on experience that consists of:

  • An interactive presentation on real-world STEM applications.
  • Physics demonstrations in the wind tunnel.
  • Creative experiments.



Now it's time to fly!

Flying is the final part of the iFLY STEM curriculum, and this student experience is what makes it stand out from any other field trip. This flying experience includes:

  • Classroom instruction and training
  • Gearing up in an iFLY flight suit
  • One-on-one flying with an iFLY flight instructor

Our certified, highly-trained instructors provide one-on-one supervision every step of the way.



Flying is limitless and inclusive.

We empower each and every single student to soar beyond their own expectations.

Everyone, including students with physical or cognitive challenges, is encouraged to participate in our STEM program and fly.

Students needing assistance will be helped by specially trained flight instructors and will be afforded proper accommodations based on each of their challenges.

If you have students who require assistance, please let us know.


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