Experienced Flyers

You Were Born to Fly.

Whether you are new to the sport of skydiving or own a World Record, iFLY makes it possible to fly more confidently in the sky. Here, the green light is always on.


Compliment your flying skills

Get time in the air with your friends, host an event, train for competitions, and work on your skills to take with you to the skies.

Take advantage of our wind for:

  • Boogie before/after parties
  • Big-way event training
  • Scrambles
  • Huck Jams
  • Ladies Night
  • AFF or AFP to A license Solo Skydive Training
  • Camps



Skydiving is Our Story.

It's in our DNA.

In 1999, we opened our first wind tunnel because we wanted to share our love for the sport and provide the opportunity for as many people as possible to experience the magic feeling of flying.

Twenty years later, skydiving continues to motivate us, and we're unbelievably inspired by its strong community of flyers. We see ourselves in each skydiver we meet, and we share a feeling that those only who live in the wind can understand.



Special Rates for Skydivers.

Who wouldn't want more flight time?

We offer specially priced bulk rates on flight time varying from 10 minutes to 10+ hours. Need coaching? We offer great rates on that too.

Our team members are just like you, hungry for more time in the air. They see goals and push past limits, and love what they do.

Tell us how you want to fly, and we'll help you achieve your goals.

Keep up to date with the latest offers, news and events via our tunnel flyer groups
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Perth Tunnel Flyers here


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