Sports Flyer Events



  • Head Up Progression night - Every Monday night from 7:30pm.
  • Head Down Progression night - Every Thursday from 8pm.
  • Ladies Night 
  • All events are announced via our Melbourne tunnel flyers page for updates

iFLY Brisbane Events

  • VFS night with Shannon Seyb - Tuesdays from 6pm
  • Back and Belly - Thursday's from 5pm
  • Check out our Brisbane tunnel flyers page for updates


  • Carnage Mondays - Fortnightly, starting 5th Feb 2023
  • Belly Scrambles
  • Belly/Back nights - Every Thursday, starting 2nd Feb 2023
  • Ladies Night - Wednesday 1st March 2023
  • Check out our Perth tunnel flyers page for updates

Other events

  • Boogie before/after parties
  • AFF training courses
  • Big way event preparation

Keep up to date with the latest offers, news and events via our tunnel flyer groups:

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