iFly Instructors

At some age, we all dream of flying, perhaps as an eagle or a superhero, or maybe on a magic carpet. You can live that dream today.


All Heroes Wear Flight Suits

Red signifies strength, determination, courage, leadership and passion, the defining characteristic of each and every single iFLY instructor. For them, flying is a way of life.

They love to live in the air. In fact, some people quietly wonder whether or not they turn into bats at night. They imagine a future where it's people who fly, not cars. That future is now.


All first time flyers & return flyers include free coaching.

When buying time in bulk, coaching can be added on to help you progress.




Youth Coaching: Kids Learn Flying Magic

Your kids can learn to fly like a superhero at iFLY Flight School (Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth) and Junior Flight Club (Sydney & Gold Coast). This exciting youth program gives children and teens the chance to learn the rapidly growing sport of bodyflying.

They'll enjoy one-on-one coaching from a certified, world-class flight instructor, build confidence as they learn to fly, and have fun meeting new friends.