I've heard about the High-Flight experience... how do I get this?

The High Flight is the equivalent of a hot-lap on a track day where instructors will be able to give you a taste of what’s its like to fly like a pro as they take hold of you and fly you around the tunnel, occasionally high up towards the top.

iFLY endeavours to offer the High Flight in as many sessions as possible but owing to the specialist training and experience level required, we are unable to guarantee it. Remembering that Indoor Skydiving is a skill based pursuit, we do encourage flyers to be in control of their own experience and to fly independently of their instructor. The High Flight for that reason is an ‘extra’ and not a standard feature of any iFLY experience.

Instructors able to offer the High Flight are among the most experienced in the world, undergoing hours of rigorous training before they are licensed* to fly with others. If an instructor with the appropriate license deems he can fly safely with an iFLY customer, and enhance their experience at the same time, then the High Flight will be offered. If you have any questions regarding the High Flight, we urge you to speak to a member of the Flight team in advance of your flight.

Due to safety, High Flights are unavailable for those that weigh 118kg+

Get in touch with us, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

*High Flight licenses are issued by the independent governing body of our sport, the International Bodyflight Association (IBA).