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Fly With the Best in the World


Coaching can be arranged directly through the tunnel at the below rates:

Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth

  • Level 1 coaching - complimentary.
  • Level 2 coaching - $2.50 a minute ($150 an hour)
  • Level 3/4 coaching - $4 a minute ($240 an hour)

Gold Coast

  • Coaching is included in all block time purchased at the Gold Coast


  • All coaching - $5 per minute ($300 per hour)
Coaching from one of our IBA qualified instructors include:
  • Classroom instruction and training.
  • Debrief with flight video review and instruction.
  • Photos and videos for you to keep.

To Book

Please call us on 1300 435 928 (Bris, Mel, Per) or 1300 435 966 (Syd & GC) or email us:
Gold Coast: 

iFLY training

iFLY Perth Coaches

  • Adam Smith
  • Johnny Townsager
  • Jarrad Kline
  • Dane Biard
  • Tanita Rutherford
  • Simon Walsh
  • Marina Galaz
  • Nick Thelan
  • Shani Zeldes
  • Mattia Argenti
  • Shaun Wheatley
  • Reece Beazely
  • William Bailey
  • Adam Hunter

iFLY Brisbane coaches

  • Alyssa Raymond
  • Cam Puttee
  • James Carabine 
  • Keegan Dwyer
  • Kurt Gregson
  • Maddison Gidman
  • Matt Chong
  • Matt Schreurs
  • Mitch Hancock
  • Patrick Nolan
  • Reece Delemere
  • Shannon Seyb
  • Tommy Siera
  • Trent Eccles 

iFLY Melbourne coaches

  • Ashlee Arnold
  • Blair Smith
  • Darcy Sapwell
  • Elise Brown
  • Ellis Hayes
  • Kai Johnson-Peady
  • Leo Harragan
  • Nick Young
  • Nic Coulson
  • Reed Ramage
  • Rhian Duffy
  • Rob Wylie
  • Ryan Weatherley
  • Sam Greenwood
  • Simon Young
  • Vinnie Leyman

iFLY training 2

iFLY Coaches

iFLY Downunder (Sydney) coaches

  • Aaron Turkington
  • Amy Jamieson
  • Bryce Jenkins
  • Chad Gordon
  • Doni Gales
  • Harley James
  • Hugh Milicich
  • Jacob Logan
  • Jimmy Cooper
  • Kyle Chick
  • Robin Howard
  • Sam Broad
  • Shane Onis

iFLY Gold Coast coaches

  • Damien Theakstone
  • Daniel Catlow
  • Dominic Marchisotti
  • Josh Arndt
  • Kurmet Jaadla
  • Leigh Smith
  • Matt Boag
  • Mike Brigg
  • Oliver Fong
  • Rodrigo Camacho
  • Steve Davidson
Find out more about flight progression at iFLY Sydney and iFLY Gold Coast here.

Coaching for kids: Enquire about Flight School
Interested in coaching for adults? Email give us a call on 1300 435 966.


External Coaches

External coaches need to be approved by the tunnel and need to have their IBA coaching rating and ensure they meet our specific criteria prior to arrival.  For those organising any external coaches, please ensure they meet these requirements prior to booking time.
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