Please welcome Adam Sheppard

29 December 2022

We've seen a massive growth in our All Abilities community at iFLY. It's fantastic to see people living with disability so passionate about making the most of their bodies! To that end, we are excited to welcome Adam Sheppard, our newest All Abilities Ambassador.

Adam is a retired elite wheelchair athlete, mindset coach, personal trainer, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, awards winner and wheelchair racing coach from the Sunshine State, where he lives with his wife of 12 years, Christy, and their 5 year old son, Fletcher.

He’s also a partner of InvincAble, an organisation that exists to give visibility to disability whilst empowering ALL people, regardless of ability, to embrace their challenges and chase their dreams.

He is the holder of numerous Australian athletics records and has represented Australia in overseas competitions, including captaining the team.

Having been born with Spina Bifida and the medical condition hydrocephalus, Adam has been part of the local disabled community for many years; whether it be through the various sports he has been involved in, the many committees he has participated in or the community and advocacy groups he has worked tirelessly for. Adam has also recently become a bilateral amputee.

Adam has always been a pretty active and adventurous guy, and willing to give almost anything ago, but he is also terrified of heights, so the thought of jumping out of plane has never really been something at the forefront of his mind.

Fast forward to 2018 when he was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. After treatment and been given the all clear by doctors Adam made the decision to say YES more and NO less… this is where iFly came in. Jumping out of a perfectly good plane still wasn’t on the cards, however, once Adam was introduced to the incredible iFly experience, he was absolutely hooked!

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