6 December 2021

Indoor Skydiving for Kids with Ozzie: Fun and Educational Video

We were thrilled to have Ozzie for Kids at iFly Downunder to learn about the basics of indoor skydiving.

In this super fun episode, Ozzie gets a skydiving lesson, puts on a special skydiving suit, and jumps into the vertical wind tunnel/flight chamber for an awesome experience of flying like a bird, indoors!

Learn about the basics of tunnel operation which makes flying indoors possible from iFLY Instructor, Doni.
Did you know the fans are on the roof? Check out the cool graphic below to see exactly how our 4 horsepowered fans, 16 foot diametre and 13 metre tall tunnel works in action!

Our wind tunnel flys at windspeeds of up to 250km per hour. That's as much as a category 6 cyclone!

It's up, up and away for young indoor skydivers at iFLY!
Ozzie chats to James Dehombre, 17, Patrick Sullivan, 17, Lachlan Azzopardi, 15, and Carissa Azzopardi, 10, who make up some of the youngest skilled flyers and all started in our Junior Flight Club program.

Indoor skydiving is an awesome sport for kids of all ages for building confidence, body awareness, strength, coordination, team building and decision making.
With a bit of practice, you can do fun tricks like surfing in the wind–Be sure to keep an eye out for it in Ozzie's YouTube video.

"It's incredible how quickly they have learned so many awesome flying tricks and can even fly upside down and spin round and round" says Ozzie.