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About All Abilities in Skydiving Wind Tunnels

All Abilities Nights | Indoor Skydiving

About All Abilities in Skydiving Wind Tunnels

All Abilities Nights at iFLY Downunder and Gold Coast

All Abilities Night at iFLY is a unique event that makes the dream of flight a reality for those in the special needs community.

This program has been custom designed for those with physical and cognitive challenges to create an environment of support and inclusion, while focusing on making what seems impossible, possible.

Downunder (Sydney): 
Friday 3rd Dec 2021, Fly at 11am, 12pm, 5:30pm or 6pm
Thursday 20th Jan 2022, Fly at 4pm or 4:30pm
Sunday 1st May 2022, Fly at 4pm or 4:30pm

Gold Coast: The last Thursday of each month. Fly at 6:30pm
 (arrive 1 hour prior). 

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Rebecca Cramp

All Abilities Ambassador, Rebecca

Bek's first flight experience was on 3rd December 2017 at the "Gift of flight For All Abilities" event where iFLY gave out 100 free indoor skydiving experiences to people living with a disability.

"I was hooked instantly. we have flown at least twice a month ever since." said Bek.

" I love how genuinely dedicated iFLY is to promoting inclusion for all people regardless of age or (dis)ability. I've met some amazing people who have encouraged me to learn to fly my body my way. Since losing a lot of mobility, I have missed being active and flying at the tunnel has allowd me to feel a part of a sporting community again. Flying at iFLY gives me periods of freedom" continues Bek.

"I have truly loved watching friends of mine with various disabilities try flying for the first time and watching their abilities be fostered and their flying improve with each flight. I have relished the opportunity to train intensely with laurence Garcia and the team, learning about 4-way formation flying and taking part in the Australian Open Indoor Skydiving Championships as part of one of the All Abilities teams is a genuine highlight."


All Abilities Ambassador, Pete

In 2015, Pete was involved in a tragic workplace accident resulting in the loss of his right leg and leaving him wheelchair bound. 2 years ago, Pete turned to indoor skydiving as an alternate form of aqua-therapy and cardio exercise.

"I was unable to do the aqua-therapy because of risk of infection, but indoor skydiving {I believe} worked better in helping me build strength in my muscles. It also helped with the cardio aspect of exercise which I couldn't gain from other training methods due to my mobility limitations." said Peter.

"Indoor skydiving has not only taught me to fly all over again, but has shown me how to LIVE all over again. I want to meet other all-ability people and share my story with them and hopefully encourage them to think 'I can do that too!'. Choosing this sport has changed my life and I hope changes the general public's views on disabilities." continues Peter.

"I am humbled and extremely proud to be able to push a mandate that promotes including all-abilities in sports and not pushing us away or segregating us from main stream events," state Peter. "iFLY Indoor Skydiving approaches it with a no boarders, all-inclusive attitude, which is so rare for people like me; to be included as an equal is os important and what iFLY is doing for the community is indescribably awe-inspiring".


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