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Are you new to tunnel flying? This page is for you!

Whether you're making tunnel flying your new sport, or becoming a skydiver, this page will give you everything you need to know about tunnel flying and the best steps forward from here.

We're here to help and are happy to chat through your journey in person.

Pathways to the Sport of Indoor Skydiving

Depending if you're a tunnel only flyer or an AFF student, or licensed skydiver, your pathway will slightly vary. 

Tunnel-Only Flyers 
Your first step into the awesome sport of indoor skydiving is to complete up to 3 Fast Tracks.

Fast Tracks are designed to be fun, relaxed casual flying allowing you to explore indoor skydiving. You will develope the skills to fly on your belly safely in the tunnel and progress to flying with others. 

AFF Student
Your first pathway with us should be the iFLY AFF Development package.

The package includes a 20 minute highly focused and intensive one on one coaching to develop your flying skills in a very short period of time. Drills are very different to that of a casual tunnel flyer and focus on your outdoor AFF goals.



Licensed Skydiver
If you already have your A license and above and have never flown in the tunnel before, you will need a safety brief and orientation flight to get used to tunnel flying. A Fast Track is the way go! 

For advanced skydivers, although you may be able to fly head down in the sky, you will need to be signed off by an instructor to fly head down in the tunnel. Ensure to request head down coaching when booking your time so that we can get you signed off! 

Tunnel pathways
Step 1: Join ISA Flight Club

Your Pathway From Here

First things first, Join Flight Club - The ultimate tunnel membership and rewards program for exclusive benefits and reduced rate tunnel time.

Sign up and grab your next 15 minutes flight club by joining. Your membership gives you benefits like invitations to free flying events, member t-shirt, 5 min birthday reward and the big one - gain access to reduced per minute prices as you progress through the membership tiers.

Pay only for the 15 minutes and get all of the other benefits included. You'd be crazy not to!

Find out everything you need to know about Flight Club here:



Which Channels to Follow

Our main tools for communication and updates are via emails and on our social media pages. Our Facebook groups are also a great way to follow the sport and get to know other flyers.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel ISA Flight Club to catch all our livestreams and catchup with whats happening at the tunnel each week.

Step 2
Step 3

Track your Progress

The International Bodyflight Association (IBA) has a range of memberships and resources to support you. Each membership provides unqiue material and reference guides to allow you to progress through the sport safely and to explore to sport of indoor skydiving.

Your IBA free membership gives you access to your own personalised, digital logbook. The logbook gives you a central, organised place to keep track of your flight time, the skills you are learning and the skills you have mastered.

The website allows you to get your skills signed off by your instructors, track your progress and includes free skills videos to watch from home.

Login to your Account 

By setting up your own personal online account, you will have free access to creating your own bookings.

You will be able to track:

  • Your past bookings
  • Upcoming bookings
  • Flight Club Membership status
  • Any account credits and free minutes.
Ensure you have entered your correct email, name and mobile number. When you complete you iFLY waiver this will create a customer ID which is used to create your Flight Club/Superuser account.

Contact the iFLY service staff or email to ensure that you only have one customer ID and that your online login is set to the correct accounts.

This is super important so that we can assure we are allocating your Flight Club points to your correct account each time you fly.

Step 4
Step 5
Progress your flying skills!

Progressions Night
Join other flyers at your skill level! Come along every Thursday night in the 7pm and 8pm sessions for iFLY Downunder and in the 6pm and 7pm sessions for iFLY Gold Coast.

AFF progression Packages
The AFF Development package includes custom tailored coaching based on each students flying and training needs.

At iFLY Downunder and iFLY Gold Coast, we can help you with your goals to complete your AFF and skydiving licenses faster, with higher skills and more confidence.

Find out full details here:



Advance your Skills Further

Once you have completed a Fast Track or AFF Development Package, you are a sport flyer! Congratulations! Now you can move onto booking "block time" - this means per minute pricing, rather than a specific iFLY package.

Block Time
Flying time can be purchased in blocks of 5min, 10min, 15min and greater. 
We generally recommend 10 or 15 minutes per session, with half an hour to an hour break in between.

To make real progress it is recommended that at least 50% of your tunnel time is coached.
Coaching is a cost per minute on top of your flight time at $5 per minute.
Please note that the minimum time for coaching is 10mins.

You can either book a session and have access to the coach on the door or you can reach out to an instructor directly and arrange to book into one of their flight sessions.
Step 6
Step 7

Meet others Flyers 

Events are the best way to meet new flyers and progress your skills.
Types of events include:

You may hear us throw around the term huckjam alot and be wondering "What on Earth is a huckjam...?"

A huckjam is all about sharing time with others and flying in a fun, casual gathering. You don't need a bunch of tunnel experience to attend a huckjam. You just need to be signed off to fly on your belly with others!

Flyers of all levels are randomly brought together for a fun competition where they battle it out for the glory. The best part is no competition experience is necessary to join!

Teams are built upon arrival at the tunnel, each one consisting of a mix of experienced, intermediate and beginner flyers. This makes for an even playing field and a chance to meet skydivers and tunnel flyers of all different levels.

As opposed to one-on-one coaching, a workshop covers skills development and generally involved multiple attendees who learn and progress together. Workshops often involve classroom briefing sessions and shared flying time with students working on common goals. 

Check out some of our upcoming events here:





We know you're keen to give us a call to get your coaching and flying booked in. Here's the fastest way to contact us when you want to reach out and connect with our team.

Email support tickets:
Our Email support tickets is the fastest way to contact us when you want to reach out and get a quick reply to your question. 

This should be your number one way to get a fast reply and connect with our team. It also means our whole team can help action and manage your enquiry:

iFLY Downunder:
iFLY Gold Coast:

Flight Club:

Phone Calls:
We have dedicated Sport Flyer phone numbers:

iFLY Downunder: (02) 4744 5184
iFLY Gold Coast: (07) 5638 1184

This should be all the information needed to get you started, but it you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out or have a chat with our friendly flight crew next time you're in the building.

Interested in progression your skills?

Check out our iFLY AFF Progressions packages for learning to skydive the modern way!

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