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AFF Body Flight Training

AFF learn to skydive

AFF Body Flight Training

Take your skydiving progression to the next level!

Completing an outdoor AFF Learn to Skydive course is one of the most exhilarating and challenging things you can accomplish.

Each outdoor AFF stage is a challenge, as you learn to jump out of an aircraft, learn to fly your body, manage equipment, and maintain situational awareness, all in a short 40-50 second skydive.

Here at iFLY Downunder and iFLY Gold Coast, we can help you with your goals to complete your AFF and skydiving licenses faster, with higher skills and more confidence.

Are you new to tunnel flying?

Read about pathways to the sport of tunnel flying here:



AFF Package

Benefits of the iFLY AFF Body Flight Program

Our AFF Body Flight Package aims to help reduce your chances of repeating your outdoor AFF stages, increase your flying skills and set you up for success.

The program can be completed here in the tunnel within just a few short hours and is the equivalent to around 24 outdoor student skydives!

We see major changes in our AFF and B-Rel students once they return to the sky including:

  • Increased confidence levels
  • More controlled flying
  • Better on heading wave and throw
  • More control in turns
  • Less back sliding
  • Less overload back in the sky
AFF Body Flight Tunnel Package

Train and fly in a relaxed indoor enivornment.

The AFF Body Flight package includes:

  • Briefing instruction, and pre-flight training
  • 2 x 10 min flight sessions
  • One-on-one coaching with AFF and B-Rel focused drills
  • Full videos of all flights to review
  • Debrief with flight review and instruction

How to get involved?
Email and we can send you information and customise your training and flight times to suit you.

Let us know your background, jumps and any issues you are having. One of our expert AFF coaches can provide a complete training program and schedule.

For iFLY Downunder (Sydney West) contact the Sports Development Manager on (02) 4744 5120

If you would like to get in touch with us through our direct sport flyer lines call:

iFLY Downunder: (02) 4744 5184
iFLY Gold Coast: (07) 5638 1184

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Join Flight Club

ISA Flight Club

As part of your AFF Body Flight program, you will receive complimentary membership to Flight Club.

This includes a free member T-Shirt. Access to member events and invitaions, 5min free flying on your birthday month and more!

Our memberships are all about creating a sense of community for all tunnel flyers and skydivers.

Fly more and unlock lower rates.


Interested in progressing your skills?

Check out all the info and Tunnel Pathways for the sport of indoor skydiving!

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