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The best value flight offer of all time!


The best value flight offer of all time!

It's the package that dreams are made of...

Fly Unlimited packages by ISA Flight Club

Have some fun on your own, fly with your mates, or send your progression through the roof with an intensive training day/week with the new Fly Unlimited Packages in Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Grab your Fly Unlimited package:


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  Gold Coast Sydney
1/2 Day Package $575 N/A
Full Day Package $900 $900
5 Day Package $3,500 $3,500







Would you believe us if we said you could fly 12 hours in just one week? Arnaud and Reed certainly did.

Sport flyer, Arnaud, flew an unlimited package over 5 days at iFLY Downunder with coaching from Reed. 

Together they clocked up over 12 hours and achieved platinum Flight Club status in only 5 days!

Recommendations to maximise your time:

  • If flying for a week, don’t go too hard at the start and burn out.
  • Try to avoid day with big tunnel camps planned or availability will be limited.


4 Hours and 20 Minutes in One Day!

Atawhai and Elise set a new record when they flew an impressive 4 hours and 20 minutes on the unlimited day package at iFLY Downunder.

Not bad for just $900 right?!

Who will be our next record holder...? It could be you!

We recommend that you avoid weekends, public holidays and school holidays to maximise your time in the wind.


Valerie at iFLY Downunder

Blake at iFLY Downunder

Brett at iFLY Downunder
Pete & Mitchell at iFLY GC

  Arnaud at iFLY Downunder


iFLY Downunder: email info.pen@ifly.com.au or give us a call on the Sports Flyer direct line 02 4744 5184
iFLY Gold Coast: email info.gc@ifly.com.au or give us a call on Sports Flyer direct line 07 5638 1184

Interested in progressing your skills?

Learn more about flight progression and Tunnel Pathways.

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