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School Holiday Fun

There's more than 1 way to FLY!

School Holiday Fun

Have you been dreaming about flying away these school holidays?

Well, there's more than 1 way to fly and we have just the experience for you!

Spread your wings and soar through the air as you take flight with INDOOR SKYDIVING!

Safe, fun and accessible for ages 3+, with no maximum age limit (even grandma and grandpa can fly!), indoor skydiving is an awesome activity that the whole family can do.

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Package Options

Flying is always more fun with more people to cheer you on and share the excitement!

Schools holidays are the perfect opportunity for the whole family or a group of friends to come and fly together. We recommend the iFLY Family & Friends package which is for 2 to 5 flyers to experience 2 flights each of indoor skydiving. 

If there's just 1 or 2 people flying, then go for the iFLY Value package, which will give each flyer 2 awesome DOUBLE length flights, meaning more time in the air and more time to learn to fly on your own.

We also have an epic deal on our Private Group package which is a full 30 minute session for up to 16 flyers! Like we said, the more the merrier! So if you're keen to fly with a bunch of friends or a couple of families then this is the ultimate package for you - a full private session!

Return Flyers

Have you flown within the past 3 months? We have some epic deals for you to save big if you want to come back and fly these holidays. Check them out via the links below:

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The High Fly

In certain session we offer a HIGH FLY where your instructors whiz you towards the top of the tunnel and back down twice. It's the ultimate end to your indoor skydiving experience and will have you blown away. Check it out below:

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We always recommend booking in advance to ensure you get your preferred time. Click below to choose your location and book your flight time.

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COVID Safe: Don't forget, there are still health and safety measures in place by local Governments due to COVID. You can find out more about our COVID Safe Plan here.

We can't wait to fly with you soon!

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