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Virtual Reality

Fly Through Exotic Places in VR.


What is Flying in Virtual Reality Like?

Before experiencing VR flight, you'll go through pre-flight training, then fly twice without VR to learn the basics of flying. Then, you'll be ready to totally immerse yourself in a Virtual Reality flight.

  • An instructor will help you gear up with a headset, and will guide you safely through your VR flight.
  • Participants must be between 6 to 70 years old and weigh less than 116kg
  • Participants under age 12 are limited to one VR flight per day.
  • Please note that individuals with heart conditions, or who are prone to claustrophobia or motion sickness, should not fly with VR.
Virtual Reality Flying
VR Flight iFLY


How Do I Book a VR flight?

You can book a VR Experience at iFLY by selecting the Virtual Reality 3 flight experience. VR can also be added on the day of your flight if time permits.

VR Flight Packages available in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane ONLY.




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