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Prices for Block Time

There are two ways to purchase and fly block tunnel time:
1. Buy in bulk– at a discounted rate
2. Buy as you fly – at a standard per minute rate
Block time prices vary per tunnel and are subject to Peak (weekends and holidays) and Off Peak (weekdays and evenings) time periods.

Bulk Time Packages

Gold Coast & Sydney Fly Unlimited deal on now, details here

The recommended way to purchase tunnel time, where you could save up to 27% on your per minute rate!
There are 3 Bulk Package options: 1+ hours, 5+ hours, or 10+ hours.
Bulk Packages can be purchased online by creating a “Superuser Account”. This is a place where your time/$ value credit is stored and allows for quick and easy online booking via your Superuser login, with time automatically being deducted from your Account upon confirmation of your reservation.



Find out more about flight progression at iFLY Sydney and iFLY Gold Coast here

Buy As You Fly

Buy As You Fly time can be purchased in 5, 10, 15 or 30 minute blocks. 
Block time rates vary per tunnel and are subject to Peak and Off Peak time periods. Peak and Off Peak details can be found in our Terms & Conditions. Prices automatically update when you click between Peak and Off Peak sessions when booking your time online.

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