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Kids Can Learn to Fly Like a Superhero

Young Flyers Can Earn Their Wings.

Looking for a Safe and Exciting Sport for the kids this Summer?  iFLY Indoor Skydiving Flight School will blow them away!  Think of it as a field trip in the sky where kids learn to fly. Here, they will learn invaluable skills to use both in the air and on the ground, like:

Designed for kids between the ages of 4-16 to learn the sport of Indoor Skydiving. Each Flight School flyer gets 1-on-1 coaching from a certified flight instructor in a fun group setting.

iFLY caters for all abilities and they’ll soon master their flying skills in our state-of-the-art, fully controlled, ultra-safe environment. With our passionate instructors and a little commitment, they could be competing in the National Championships one day!

Watch Confidence Soar

In Flight School, kids learn flying skills and build friendships.

·         How to set and achieve goals

·         Teamwork and sportsmanship

·         Athleticism

·         Discipline

·         Leadership

Each weekly Flight School session includes:

·         Briefing, instruction and pre-flight training.

·         Warm-up stretching.

·         One-on-one coaching

·         Several minutes of individual flying time with a certified iFLY flight instructor.

·         Photos & videos for students to keep.

·         Debrief with flight review and instruction.

·         Exclusive Flight School member discounts on iFLY apparel.


Flight School times:

Flight school is weekly and pre-bookings are required as space is limited.


Monday: 4:00 pm flight time (COMING SOON)
Saturday: 9:00am flight time 
Sunday: 9:00am flight time 

Gold Coast: Junior Flight Club

Monday: 6:30pm flight time
Wednesday: 6:30pm flight time
Sunday: 10:30am flight time
Enquire now or call 1300 435 966


Tuesday: 6:30pm flight time
Wednesday: 6:30pm flight time
Saturday: 8:30am flight time
Sunday: 8:30am flight time


Tuesday: 6:00pm flight time
Sunday: 9:30am flight time

Sydney: Junior Flight Club

Tuesday: 6pm and 7pm flight time
Wednesday: 6pm and 7pm flight time
Sunday: 9am and 10am flight time
Enquire now or call 1300 435 966

Active Kids

Active Kids Vouchers (Sydney Only)

The NSW Government is helping kids get active with the Active Kids program.

The Active Kis program provides two $100 vouchers for parents, guardians and arers of school-enrolled children to use towards sports and active recreation costs each year.

Voucher 1 is valid January to December and Voucher 2 is vaild July to December.

Contact us below or call 1300 435 966 to redeem your a voucher.
For more information on the Active Kids program click here.


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