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Flight Club Showdown


Dates & Times

Get excited...

iFLY Downunder will be hosting the 2021 Flight Club Showdown Sat 7th August and Sun 8th August.

We are hosting categories for all skill levels, so grab your mates and fly at our mega competition this August!

To ensure we have eariler finish times on the day, the number of teams will be capped so that we stay on schedule with our planned finish times to be 8:30PM and no later than 9:00PM.


Saturday 7th August: Sunday 8th August:
4 way FS AA
2 way VFS Inter
2 way Dynamic Inter
Solo Speed 
4 way FS Rookie
4 way FS A
4 way VFS Adv

Although this isn't the whole shebang national champs comp style, we can still assure a good time with our condensed list of categories across the two afternoons.

The day schedule is out now, so make sure to check it out below to view the run down.

Rules will be the iFLY Australia Tunnel competion Rules.

Artistic Tunnel Rules
FS and VFS Tunnel Rules
Dynamic Tunnel Rules



Registrations are now open!

Registration Timeline
  • Early Bird Rego: 5th May to 6th June
  • Standard Rego: 7th June to 18th July
  • Registration closes: 19th July



flying with friends event

Get Ready with our Lead Up Events

  • Join us at our events in the lead up to the Flight Club showdown. Find team mates and get tips and tricks from some of our world class instructors and coaches!

    • 4-way Scrambles
    • Ladies Night
    • Flight Club Huckjam 
    • Progressions Night







Below is a DRAFT schedule for the event. Please note: this is subject to change per registration numbers.
The final schedule will be posted after registeration cut off.

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The Draw + Dive Diving
- Flying Order + Team Numbers
Speed setting
- Competition Rounds

The Draw

The draw will be handed out, one printed copy per team on check-in. the draw will also be posted around the tunnel from 9:30am.

9:30am - 12:00pm
Teams will have time to dirt dive and prepare before flying. Make sure to check in early to give yourself maximum dirt diving time.


Flying Order + Team Numbers

Team Numbers
Each team will be given 1x helmet sticker with a team number. Please ensure the flyer who is first to enter the tunnel applies the sticker to the left side of their helmet.

Flying Order
Teams will always fly in team number order ie. 401, 402, 403.

Ensure that you know and remember your team number. Always ensure that you are in the correct flying order when your event category is flying.

Preliminary team numbers for event categories, starting numbers:

FS - Formation skydiving

        401 - 4 Way Rookie
        501 - 4 Way A
        601 - 4 Way AA

VFS - Vertical Formation skydiving

        701 - 2 Way VFS
        801 - 4 Way VFS


        201 - 2 Way Dynamic
        301 - Solo Speed

Speed Setting


Each team may choose to pre-book a 1 min speed setting flight.

Teams requiring a speed setting flight will need to pre-book prior to the 7th/8th August. speed setting will be made availble once registration closes on19th July.

teams who are not pre-booking a speed setting time prior to the competition will be unable to complete a speed setting flight on the day of the competition.

First call for speed setting

12:30pm - 1:05pm
Speed setting flights

Team MAY NOT fly any of the draws during their speed setting flight.

Competition Rounds

First call for round 1

1:15pm - 6:30pm
Round 1 commences at 1:15. Complete competition rounds will be completed by approx 6:30pm.

6:00pm (Food) 
Dinner will be available from approx 6:00pm.


We will be using the InTime system for judging. A large scoreboard with inTime judging will be available to view on the day.

We will be using our new competition video system. This allows remote, fast, near real-time judging. the system delivers each round to the judges within about 20 seconds of the round being flown.

At this stage planned judging will be complete by approx 7:00pm. Then, we will begin medal presentations. We plan to finish up presentation and have flyers leaving the building no later than 8:20pm Saturday and 8:00pm Sunday.


The entire day will be live-stream simulcast on the Flight Club Facebook Page and the YouTube Channel.

YouTube will be the preferred platform if you are not attending and want to catch all the live action.

We will have fixed tunnel cameras and live roaming camera operating through the day!



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