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Flight Club Rewards Program 2022-2023

Continue flying with all of the awesome perks. Renew by 15th August 2022, and maintain your current tier. So if you have an expired membership, there's no need to panic!

Simply login to your account online and click the RENEW button.

How does Flight Club work?

To put it simply, the more you fly, the cheaper it gets!*

Recieve a special Flight Club account upon sign up and each time you fly, the time flown is logged into your account automatically. As you progress through the Flight Club tiers your account will automatically convert to a new, cheaper rate per minute.

Membership is $300 and includes 15 minutes of tunnel time for all new sign ups! Enjoy discounted events, exclusive free member huckjams and access to the best rates in the country as part of your membership!



*Terms and conditions apply and are subject to change.

Flight Club

How to unlock cheaper rates

As you fly through the Flight Club status levels, your rate per minute gets cheaper! Flight club status checkpoints are reached after 1 hrs, 5 hrs and 10 hours of flight time.

Memberships are linked to your unique online login, where you can check your current tier, top-up your account and make bookings.
Don't have an online account? Create one now.


Once your online account is created you can join Flight Club and book your free 15 minutes by clicking the buttons below OR
If you aren't ready to book in your free 15 minutes just yet, give our friendly flight crew a call on 1300 435 966. Our team will add your 15 minutes to your account, for you to book online when you're ready.



 Understanding your Flight Club membership

To maintain your tier and continue flying at cheaper rates for another year renew your membership by simply logging in to your account online and click the RENEW button. 

Prior Year Tier:
Any previous year status carried over into your current year membership.

Current Tier: 
This is your current membership year's tier based on your flight time within that year. This resets to '0' each membership year. 

Effective Tier:
This is the tier on which you receive any member benefits. Usually this will be your prior year tier carried over unless you fly into a higher tier in the current membership year.

All members start each new memberchip tier with a current tier of CLUB.



Tunnel Flying Pathways

Want to progress your skills but not sure where to start? We've set up the ultimate guide to kickstart your flying journey.

Whether you are learning to skydive, an existing skydiver or getting into this new sport of bodyflight, we have pathways designed to help you smash out your goals in no time. Learn more about flight progression at iFLY Sydney and iFLY Gold Coast by clicking the button below.



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